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Innovative proton therapy

IBA is the worldwide leader in proton therapy technology. 65% of proton therapy patients have been treated using IBA technology to date. The company has been leading proton therapy for the last 30 years and has built the largest user community of the world's best proton therapy centers.

Find out more: iba-worldwide.com/proton-therapy


Transfoming healthcare delivery

Philips look beyond technology to the experiences of consumers, patients, providers and caregivers across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. With leading research, design and innovation capabilities, Philips partner with its customers to transform the delivery of healthcare.

Find out more: philips.co.uk/healthcare


Elekta innovation is responsible for introducing most of the critical technological advances in radiation oncology of the last 30 years. Elekta creates treatment solutions that provide increasing efficiency, while retaining the clinician’s right to choose the best option for individual patients. Elekta maintains its long-standing focus on evidence-based medicine.

Find out more: elekta.com/radiotherapy

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