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We recognise that cancer can affect much more than just your physical health.

At Rutherford Cancer Centres, our supportive care team recognise and appreciate that a cancer diagnosis can affect much more than just a patient’s physical health. For many people, the diagnosis of cancer, in combination with treatment side effects and the disruption of day-to-day life for treatment can have a huge upheaval that affects every aspect of both their and their family’s lives.

Our aim is to provide each individual patient with ongoing holistic support throughout their treatment, including easy access to a range of supportive services and additional therapies, to aid and assist with treatment and recovery, including:

  • Relaxed, comfortable and modern facilities
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Social support
  • Spiritual and psychological support
  • Symptom control
  • Rehabilitation
  • Complementary therapies
  • Palliative care

We empower patients to be active participants in their care, and our clinical teams work with consultants to provide a bespoke cancer management package which meets the needs of each individual patient.

Our supportive car team

Our supportive care team is available to offer support throughout treatment and beyond for any queries or concerns patients may have. Specialists will also be on hand to offer advice and guidance to talk about any concerns or questions following treatment.

Informing our patients

After diagnosis, our care team will be available to talk to patients and their family about the specific side effects of treatment and will continue to monitor patients closely throughout the treatment process in order to provide information on managing side effects.

We have a number of comfortable consultation and relaxing break rooms throughout Rutherford Cancer Centres, where patients can talk to their care team privately about any concerns. Alternatively, they are reachable over the telephone if coming into the centre isn’t possible.

A holistic approach

One of our key goals when providing treatment is to offer a comprehensive care facility for patients coming to Rutherford Cancer Centres, in addition to providing expert advice about specific treatment plans. Our care team will be able to provide advice for leading a healthy lifestyle both during and after treatment, as well as having strong links to other healthcare professionals to provide easy access to any additional, practical support needed. Our team will also be able to put patients in touch with community services on request.In addition to providing expert advice about your treatment at the centre, our care team can offer their support to help you lead a healthy lifestyle both during and after your treatment. With strong links to other healthcare professionals, they will help you access any practical support that you may need and can put you in touch with community services that may be useful to you.

Care plan

Our treatment plans at Rutherford Cancer Centres include individualised care plans, which are put together using a ‘Holistic Needs Assessment’. In addition to providing general information about treatments and specific information about any intended treatment, a care plan will include detailed information about the ongoing supportive care our personal care team can offer to patients.

The Holistic Needs Assessment is a simple questionnaire, filled in by the patient together with a care team specialist, it enables our teams to understand the personal needs of our patients. The completed questionnaire will help us develop and deliver a care and support plan that is uniquely tailored to the individual and their treatment needs.

End of treatment care plan

Once treatment has come to an end, our care team will work with patients to provide an ongoing end of treatment care plan. End of treatment care plans include information regarding late-term side effects, advice on managing these and guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Access to ongoing support and advice from our supportive care staff is always available and our care teams are only a phone call away, should patients have any questions or would like to discuss further aspects of their treatment aftercare.

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